Faces of a Vibrant Community

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Faces of a Vibrant Community celebrates the brilliant work, innovations and engaging ideas of some of the organizations making a difference in our communities today.

From coast to coast, they’re organizations and groups looking to solve challenges and have greater impact. At the forefront of change, they’re inspiring more people to get involved. By sharing their insights and learning from each other, they’re working right now on building more vibrant communities.

Started in 2019, Faces of a Vibrant Community connects leaders in communities across Canada who might otherwise never meet. It gives them the chance to explore questions around their communities’ sustainability and prosperity. It provides us the opportunity to share their achievements, ignite conversation and spark positive change. And it helps everyone motivate each other and demonstrate that, together, we have what it takes to make a difference.

Find out who the Faces are, what makes them tick and all the amazing reasons they were chosen.


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